UPSC Comprehensive Course

One Year. Course commences from 15th of July and goes on until the day of UPSC Prelims. Only first 40 students will be admitted to the course. Medium & Structure Of Course is English and Marathi

First Month

  • Students shall be trained on their Reading, Writing and Observation skills along with training on how to develop one's personality in order to clear the UPSC Examination. This will be done with the help of sessions on personality development, Group Discussions, Vocabulary tests, debates, etc. Senior faculties and Harshad Bele Sir himself shall be conducting sessions for developing these skills.

  • Along with developing skill sets, students are also taught about how to manage their stress levels with six sessions on Stress Relieve through music, stress relieve through yoga and stress relieve through Karate.

Second Month

  • Students will be taken for a 5 day village visit to practically study the village administration and test all their skills that they have learnt in the first month.

  • After the village visit students are supposed to prepare a village survey report which will be presented by the students in the classroom in front of their parents and the faculty (this is an open to all seminar). The best 2 students get Recommendation certificated from our Institute.

  • After this process of the Village Survey, students have a private counselling and time table management session with Harshad Bele Sir and our Top Notch Faculties where the student along with the faculty member shares his doubts regarding the examination and based on his daily routine our faculty members prepare a Time Table which allows our student effective and Efficient study to clear the attempt in his/her first GO !!!!

August to December

  • Core UPSC Mains Syllabus shall be taught by expert faculty to the students and regular tests based in prelims and Mains syllabus shall be conducted after the end of every module and immediate feedback shall be given by our faculty to the students and the parents.

December End

  • CIAS Students will be given an opportunity to visit police station and Municipal Corporation in order to experience the administrative processes which officers go through. This is what we call "practi-innovative learning programme". This attachment will be of 2/3 days.

January to April

  • Emphasis will only be given on Prelims during these months and students will have to give regular tests based on the UPSC Prelim Pattern.

April to May

  • A minimum of 7 Mock Tests will be conducted based on the prelims syllabus before the UPSC Prelim Examination.